If you’re making lamb, fish (yellowtail) or chicken kebabs or other “food-on-a-stick,” try using woody rosemary sprigs as skewers instead of the typical metal and bamboo skewers. Here’s how to make them:

Choose long rosemary sprigs that have especially thick and woody stems. Pull the leaves off of ¾ of the sprig and reserve to use in a marinade. Push the end of the rosemary sprig through the meat or vegetables like you would a normal skewer (sometimes doing this from the bottom end works better since it is thicker). If needed, use the tip of a knife to poke a small hole in the cubes of meat to help the skewer go through.

As the kebabs cook, the rosemary sprig will flavor the skewered items from the inside out with its woodsy flavor. Also, as the rosemary heats up, it will fill your braai area with its savory aroma.